"How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?"


Parution en janvier 2018, dans la revue Landscape Ecology, d'un numéro spécial en écologie

co-édité par Tetis

"How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?"

- Paul Opdam
- Sandra Luque
- Joan Nassauer
- Peter H. Verburg
- Jianguo Wu

While landscape ecology is distinct from sustainability science, landscape ecologists have expressed their ambitions to help society advance sustainability of landscapes. In this context Wu (2013) coined the concept of landscape sustainability science. In August of 2017 we joined the 5th forum of landscape sustainability science in Beijing (see http://leml.asu.edu/chess/FLSS/05/index.html). To inspire landscape ecologists in developing research for a more sustainable future, we highlight some of the key points raised there. We emphasize challenges that have been identified in sustainability science that we consider particularly relevant for landscape sustainability. Then we describe how landscape ecology could enrich sustainability science. Finally, we propose five topics for landscape ecology research to advance landscape sustainability science.